Thursday, June 30, 2011

New name for my blog

I just tried a new name for my blog but whatever I tried it all went nuts :D coz whatever I came up with is already occupied. So I thought using a thesaurus but it was of no use either. The name which I liked most was gab which means conversation but to my prior belief its already occupied, hence the next usual thing I tried was and thankfully to such #$@*@# that I found a blog which didn't even had a single post.

The point in my mind right now is, why can't google performs a clean up drive regularly, it can be in the same way as anyone delete a google mail account, right. They can block it for say 6 months or so and then make it public, this way I can have better blog address before someone comes up fast and occupies it.

For now 'My talks' can be identified with same old, so keep visiting ;)

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