Sunday, July 17, 2011

Long Drive

Sitting idle on a Sunday evening what better could I have done than heading for the Jaipur highway for my first long drive and on expressway it's a pleasure to drive though only as long as the traffic is minimal.

It started with no idea where I would go but one thing was sure, I had to go somewhere. It was a nice evening with pleasant weather and nearly no traffic. On my way I chose the route from signature tower to Rajasthan toll. Though I'm wondering if I had an alternative ;) I was alone but I was enjoying the drive so much it didn't crossed my mind, not even once.

The drive from signature tower to Rajshasthan toll was the refreshing one; you can enjoy the drive where you don't have to use the B&C of car, as once you are on highway you can drive at a constant speed of 80KMPH and that too without any interruption. Though at a few places you can find pedestricians crossing. I loved the drive till toll but the moment I took a U turn I started hating the idea that its going to end soon :( Also on my way back I tried to remember the places where I can head to but not to my surprise I didn't got any option except Malls. I even thought of heading to Delhi but on the very thought of traffic I changed my mind.

It was a short one but I liked it, as it was exciting and the reason for which is hard to explain, except a few which are for sure such as as good weather, nice road, less traffic and a beautiful evening. All in all it was a wonderful drive which refreshed my mind and I'm still excited. From now onward I can say yes, I love long drives and I'm part of the gang of those who love it.

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