Sunday, September 11, 2011

Are we living for a cause?

Recently I came across a blog post from Nathan Adair who, as a part of his b-school project, is living on less than $1 a day and all this to fund a solar project in Andhra Pradesh, India. All I can say is I'm impressed and I've great regards for him.

I'm also on my way to contribute towards a cause, hence, recently I got connected with an NGO. Though for now I'm part of educational cause, Environment is on the top of my list because I love trees. Can you count how many Neem, Banyan and Bodhi trees are there in your surrounding? I think there is hardly any and those which are left will brought down soon either by the Land Mafia or the owner itself.

So my main point is not what I'll do or what I want to do, but it is that we always have a complaining attitude as if we are weak and I think that we need to be Empowered. Every time I'm in a discussion with someone who has a complaining attitude I always say - either don't complain or do something, its just you and me, who do we expect will come, but people complain thinking they are just to enjoy the benefits. Some of them are extreme examples who complain even though something has improved or someone is doing good. I say they are pessimist who keep looking at the bad past and ignore the improvement.

My question is  - how many times have we initiated or decided to do something for anything which is not personal? We spend any amount on anything which is for pleasure but we seldom help for a cause. I'm not saying that one should keep charitable contributions first but at least keep it in one's list. Every now and then whenever you get time just contribute and remember the more you contribute the more you get ;)

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