Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It starts with wall climbing@IMF

Two weeks back my rock climbing journey started with wall climbing at IMF (Indian Mountaineering Foundation), Delhi. The IMF is beautifully located near South Campus and entering it the only word comes out: Wow!! 

It has a little hilly like passage which takes you to the office. Standing there was a great experience: no traffic, no crowd but an amazing hilly like look It's a kind of isolated from the outside Delhi and I feel it can be a great place make a stay.

Once you enter the IMF the JRD Tata wall is straight down the path; it has four walls and the one for me was beginner's wall which is actually difficult on the top as it has a 30' curve which is a bit difficult to climb. The climb is charged at INR 100 per 4 hours wherein you will be provided with basic gears like harness and all.  My experience at IMF has been superb, I enjoyed the climb and I actually taken, i.e. completed, it many times. Though in my later visits I was unable to take it except for one or two times and the reason I see is that I'm not scared to fall anymore :D, as I know the belayer is going to save the fall.

I now see climbing as a tough game, as it takes lot of strength in the forearms and the commitment to take the complete climb. Till now I'm a regular visitor and my next goal over there is moving from beginner wall to the regular wall which I'm gonna make it soon ;)

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