Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another discussion or I should say argument :-/

Phew, I again went into an argument: if Indigo airline provides discount, other than dealer. Here are a few points that he made but which actually were flawed

  • Airlines don't care about bookings and they will fly empty because this is how aviation industry work: Dude this is not railway which won't care about passengers or profit. There is a tough competition out there and to make profit they need to care about passengers and bookings. Considering your point I think, just knowing the term 'Aviation industry' doesn't make you understand it.
  • Airlines don't have a sales team or department  because this is how aviation industry works: I don't believe that this to be true and either I'm ignorant or you are saying junk. Any private airline have to have a sales dept besides the agents network. At one point I also gave him an example of Virgin airlines which faced the competitor's bad tactics about stealing customers but he didn't listened and when I told that dude I'm stating facts because I read virgin's biography, he said: ok virgin is different.
  • On bulk bookings, like 30 or 40, dealers can offer you discount but Indigo airlines cannot: I have one logical explanation which goes like - Dealers work on commissions and when I book tickets through them then it also includes their discount and if I work with the airlines sales team directly then they won't offer me discount; hats off dude I don't understand it why because you kept on saying this is how "Aviation industry" work.
Here are a few lessons for me as well ;)
  • L1: Don't go into an argument: When people are stubborn, even though they don't know "A" of it, get out of that argument.
  • L2: Try to convince him more logically but that too for a short time and then just GET OUT.
  • L3: Control your emotions better and don't move into it.
  • L4: When you an get an indication that people know  a lot about it, like "Aviation industry", then just leave it and change the topic or your seat.
  • L5: Remain calm even though you know that he is talking junk ;)
All in all I believe you are just another guy who has to speak just for the sake of it and it doesn't mean to you even if you are stating your opinions without understanding the "A" of it. I don't care about your opinion because in your opinion my cook can be the better PM that India had in last two terms but Dude who cares :D