Thursday, May 24, 2012

Compound effects of a audience expectations

A few days back while playing TT I experienced the compound effects of audience pressure. A few bad shots had such an effect that the whole game went from normal to bad and from bad to worse or I should say ugly. When I try to understand, it seems it is what we call "performing under pressure"; when you see that someone is watching your game, it becomes many times more difficult and it has a such a compound effect that getting back to normal becomes a challenge and the performance graph goes down in a compound way. A reason can be losing one's focus.

For now the only solution I see is trying to limit the thoughts to one's game and forget the audience and play a normal game but this certainly requires a much discipline and it comes with a lot of patience and practise.

The next game I played was a normal one, as there was no audience ;)
FOCUS is the crux.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sweltering Heat

It's very hot in Gurgaon today, somewhat around 46' C and since morning I already had 5-6 Lt's of water but I'm still f*** up. Right now I'm sitting in an air-cooler, thanks to Sossy who poured water into it, which is actually ineffective. I'm in dire need of AC but I have to wait till the end of this month, as I might relocate and it doesn't make any sense to install it now and then, after a few days, uninstall it. I've to wait till I change my room :-/

This summer made me remember my college's I & II year at Doon. I used to sit in the similar hot summer with no Air-cooler or AC, which is now a sort of nightmare for me. At that time I thought that it's good to get tough and face it but now I feel how silly thought was that because it eventually affected my work. Those two years were like worst for me.

Getting comfortable, if you can afford, is not a luxury but a necessity and I'm waiting to indulge myself in comfort because this summer is like killing me. I have very high regards for people who have to work outside in this sweltering heat, they are like real tough. Temperature is now better after Sossy's hard work and I'm enjoying it with another glass of Tang, cheers ;)