Thursday, May 24, 2012

Compound effects of a audience expectations

A few days back while playing TT I experienced the compound effects of audience pressure. A few bad shots had such an effect that the whole game went from normal to bad and from bad to worse or I should say ugly. When I try to understand, it seems it is what we call "performing under pressure"; when you see that someone is watching your game, it becomes many times more difficult and it has a such a compound effect that getting back to normal becomes a challenge and the performance graph goes down in a compound way. A reason can be losing one's focus.

For now the only solution I see is trying to limit the thoughts to one's game and forget the audience and play a normal game but this certainly requires a much discipline and it comes with a lot of patience and practise.

The next game I played was a normal one, as there was no audience ;)
FOCUS is the crux.

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